Shopify Maintenance Services

Grow your business with peace of mind, knowing the technical management of your Shopify store is in good hands.

Digital Flagship provides proactive, comprehensive Shopify maintenance services – giving store owners complete peace of mind. 

Starting at $750/month.


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Stop Putting Shopify Site Maintenance on the Back Burner

Let’s keep your store on the competitive edge.
ecommerce Standards Are Very High
Online shoppers have more options than ever before. A single glitch, bug, or snag in the user experience can send them packing to your competitors.
Continuous Performance Optimization
Regular Shopify maintenance is key to continuously optimizing your store's performance, ensuring fast load times and a smooth shopping experience, which are critical for customer satisfaction and retention.
Stay Ahead of the Curve
Shopify leads the pack in eCommerce innovation. Working with a maintenance specialist keeps your store in tune with the changes so revenue moves in the right direction. 

What Does Shopify Maintenance Add to Your Online Store?

The benefits of regular Shopify maintenance may seem small, but the long-term effects speak volumes:

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Our Shopify
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The benefits of regular Shopify maintenance may seem small, but the long-term effects speak volumes:


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Our Process

Audit & Analyze

We’ll take a deep dive into your website needs to align our support services with your business goals.

Strategize & Roadmap

Our technical experts and business strategists will create a comprehensive plan to keep your site up-to-date with the eCommerce industry.

Implement & Refine

The Digital Flagship team keeps daily tabs on your website to make any necessary changes as soon as possible.

Continuous Improvement

We keep a constant eye on your website to spot any issues in the early stages – and solve them before they cause trouble, and identify opportunities for growth.

Our Mindset

No Shortcuts
Our clients trust us with the well-being of their business – this isn’t a responsibility we take lightly. When you choose us to manage your Shopify maintenance, you can rest assured we’re taking every possible measure to keep your site cutting-edge.
Fast Answers
If you have questions about your Shopify store, you deserve answers ASAP. We make it a point to respond to any inquiries in 24-48 hours – or less.
Proactive Problem-Solving
Shopify maintenance is all about acting with foresight, never in hindsight. Our team is trained to spot the warning signs of issues before they spiral out of control.
Educational Support
Your Shopify store is your livelihood. We keep you in the loop with everything we do as we update your site – and explain why it’s important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Shopify website need maintenance?
Yes, Shopify stores do require maintenance. This maintenance primarily involves optimizing for better conversions, updating product listings, managing inventory, keeping the store's design appealing and user-friendly – and staying updated with Shopify's new features and theme updates.
Can I maintain my Shopify store myself? 
Sure, in the same way you could technically rewire your house's electrical system. While it's possible to do it yourself, if you want to get the maximum benefit from Shopify’s advanced features, it’s strongly recommended to work with an expert. In additional, having the help of a support team to maintain your website lets you focus on operating your business.
How much does it cost to maintain a Shopify store?
Our pricing starts at $750/m for basic Shopify maintenance. If you’re looking for more growth-focused support, we offer additional plans to reach your goals. 
How do I optimize my conversion rate in Shopify?
For starters, you need to be honest with yourself. Is your website user-friendly and appealing? Is the checkout process easy? Are you offering easy payment options? Do your product pages provide enough information? Adding high-quality product images and detailed descriptions are easy fixes – in addition to adding customer reviews and trust badges. For the more technical savvy Shopify users, A/B testing is great to refine your product pages, landing pages, and call-to-actions (CTAs) – which can significantly improve conversion rates by allowing you to understand what changes lead to better performance.
What are the risks of not maintaining my Shopify store?

Not maintaining your Shopify store creates many risks. Outdated content, such as old product listings or prices, can mislead customers and hurt your store's credibility. 

Poorly managed inventory can result in stock discrepancies, leading to customer dissatisfaction and loss of sales. Regular maintenance is crucial to your store's success, security, and reputation.

Not maintaining your Shopify store also significantly impacts your store's sales performance. Sluggish site features may lead to a frustrating user experience, causing potential customers to abandon their shopping carts. This directly translates into lost sales opportunities.

Furthermore, failing to improve and optimize your store's performance can cause you to fall behind competitors who are continually updating their sites. Regular maintenance ensures your store remains efficient, competitive, and capable of maximizing sales.

What if I have more questions?
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