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Oluwa is a new sportswear brand bringing a fresh, cultural twist to the athleisure industry by way of vibrant authentic Ankara designs and fabrics.

The Challenge

The Oluwa team was in the midst of developing their debut collection when they approached us with a fresh concept for a brand identity. The goal was to help create a future-forward identity with the aesthetic appeal of a heritage sportswear brand while incorporating West-African design.

The Approach

We aimed to maintain a level of confident simplicity through the Oluwa brand identity, to ensure that the bold graphics seen throughout the brand’s debut collection took center stage. To complement the dramatic Season One campaign photography, we took a more daring direction for Oluwa’s web store.

Striking features

To establish Oluwa as an adventurous brand, the website displays unconventional layouts and compositions from the jump, while putting the high quality imagery front and center.

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Despite breaking typical ecommerce design conventions, the Oluwa website maintains maximum usability throughout the entire shopping experience.


Oluwa launched its debut collection with a memorable online storefront and introduced the world to the future of West African design & style.