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Lumar Active is a cutting-edge surfwear brand dedicated to enhancing performance and comfort for fitness enthusiasts. With a focus on innovative design and premium materials, Lumar Active delivers stylish activewear that empowers athletes to push their limits.

The Challenge

Lumar Active sought a seamless migration from WooCommerce to Shopify, aiming to leverage Shopify’s robust features without compromising their distinctive web design and customer-centric functionalities.

The Approach

Leveraging a feature-rich Shopify theme as our foundation, we seamlessly transitioned Lumar Active’s entire catalog and content library while integrating conversion rate optimization strategies to elevate the online shopping journey.

Benefits & Social Proof

Our enhancements strategically positioned product benefits prominently, bolstered by authentic customer testimonials to aid purchasing decisions, ensuring an enriched shopping experience.

Product Merchandising

Revamping Lumar’s product detail pages with CRO refinements, such as intuitive color swatch selection and comprehensive product information, including shipping and returns policies, fabric details, and sizing charts.

Mobile Optimization

Recognizing the dominance of mobile traffic, we meticulously tailored key information for mobile users, maintaining brand integrity while enhancing page speed for seamless mobile navigation.


Within a swift two-week timeframe, Lumar successfully debuted their revamped Shopify store, equipping them with greater autonomy over website management and poised for sustained success on the new platform.