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Kohler is a renowned American company known for its wide range of innovative and high-quality kitchen and bathroom products, including faucets, fixtures, and furniture.

The Challenge

In celebration of its 150th year anniversary, heritage brand Kohler, a renowned global manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom products, was looking to launch its first ever DTC global ecommerce experience–a new limited edition collection of artist editions of their most popular products on the Shopify platform.

The Approach

We set out to help guide the Kohler team in establishing the most impactful experiences for each of their customer types by determining and implementing essential features.

A showcase of artistry

Through the Artist Editions web design we integrated a showcase of worldwide artistic collaborations, creating an elegant and interactive platform that seamlessly blends the brand’s products with diverse artistic expressions.

Cutting Edge Interactivity

To display the artist-adorned products in all their glory, we implemented an interactive hover effect, displaying a product showcase video on collection pages and artist landing pages by way of custom meta fields.

To enable 360 views of each product, we integrated 3D product viewing app equipped with an augmented reality viewer, giving users an up close and personal look at the beauty of each product for sale.

Bespoke Functionality

The features of the website included functionality particular to the needs of the white-glove service experience Kohler sought to create for their Artist Editions customers, such as advanced contact forms.

We expanded on the foundation of Shopify’s Dawn 2.0 framework by developing dozens of customizable sections to our exact design specifications to meet every need of the digital experience.


Coinciding with the prestigious Milan Design Week and marking Kohler’s momentous 150th anniversary, the Kohler Artist Edition website was launched as a tribute to global artists, celebrating a legacy of design and innovation.