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KetoSports is a ketone supplement company on a mission to provide valuable products that empower people to lead healthier, more gratifying lives.

The Challenge

KetoSports needed a revamp of their existing ecommerce website to complement the new direction the visual identity was headed. Bolder. Youthful. More energetic. While their brand identity development project was still underway with another creative team, we had nothing more than a new logo and in-progress packaging to reference, so the web design process involved helping KetoSports establish a digital identity.

The Approach

With the overall brand direction in mind, we explored a visual language that felt as impactful as a high intensity interval training session. In addition to a focus on visual impact, prioritizing the brand story-telling was a key aspect to developing an informative and high-converting experience.

High intensity

The visual language of the KetoSports website was focused on impactful graphic compositions from the jump, highlighting the benefits of their flagship products.

Engage & convert

Product pages highlight key products utilizing badges for best sellers and staff picks, to help guide new visitors.

Actively mobile

We ensured that graphic compositions maintained their integrity and impact from desktop to mobile viewports.


The KetoSports website overhaul resulted in a more engaging brand experience that helped set a design language that would go on to influence the off-line brand identity.