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2021 is an Australian based brand creating uncomplicated, useful essentials for babies and toddlers that nurture the imagination and encourage play.

The Challenge needed an ecommerce revamp that delivered on the vibrant, youthful essence the brand identity is driven by. We were tasked with creating an engaging online shopping experience that connected with parents and felt true to the brand.

The Approach

The vision for the new web design from the jump was one that amplified fun and movement, utilizing bold graphic compositions, playful typography and rich color to create a compelling vibe.

Amp up the fun

Achieving a fun feel was done by re-thinking traditional web design and approaching it as playful exploration– in layouts, color application and overall composition.

A shop with a pop

In order to maintain the vibrant energy, standard ecommerce aspects were deconstructed into fun moments throughout the site.

Mobile fun

We ensured the playful energy of the website was maintained across all viewports.

Results launched a revamped online shop that delivers on the brand’s essence and recreates the fun & playful brand experience in a digital space.