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Frederick Benjamin Grooming is a grooming brand focused on producing natural grooming products for men of color. The brands offerings range from hair care to shaving and skincare, all on display on their ecommerce website.

The Challenge

Despite having a digital storefront for several years, the Frederick Benjamin brand lacked the stylish looks they focused on delivering for their customers. A disjointed visual identity that needed refinement and cohesiveness provided the starting point for the web presence of the style-savvy company. The success of this project was critical as we were on the brink of a global pandemic which would make ecommerce an integral part of company survival.

The Approach

The intention from the start was to ensure that the Frederick Benjamin brand had a clean, refined look directly comparable with some highly successful benchmark brands in the men’s grooming space. With the company’s target audience in mind, cool was the key to conversions.

Product in action

A core aspect of Frederick Benjamin’s storytelling is showcasing their haircare products in use, as well as the end result of making their styling products a part of your daily routine.

A better online storefront

Catering to modern consumer shopping behavior, letting visitors shop with their eyes and browse to their heart’s content was important to optimizing for sales.

Heavy-leaning mobile audience

Understanding that a large majority of the brand’s consumers were engaging with the online shop on their mobile devices, maintaining a sleek, memorable experience was more important than ever.


The revamped Frederick Benjamin online store helped catapult the brand into its best-performing years online, while being recongnized for its design by CSS Design Awards and many other design showcases.