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Chia Smash is a deliciously nutritious brand of chia-based jams that are made of real ingredients and are much more than just the partner to your peanut butter.

The Challenge

Chia Smash had recently undergone some rebranding from being publicly known as its parent brand Oswald Co. to growing into its own. With that change, the brand needed a new online presence that would complement the redesign of the jam packaging, and pack just as much of a punch.

The Approach

Capturing the fun vibe of the new Chia Smash jam jars was the key to delivering customers an online experience that would remain consistent with the full brand story. Composing a series of compelling page sections that would continue to tell that story was the other key aspect.

Packing a punch

The Chia Smash website had to feel genuine and unique to the brand, so incorporating exciting elements directly from the product packaging helped establish the visual language.

Ways to engage

Not only does the Chia Smash website provide customers a place to shop online, but the website served as a hub for engaging brand content like recipes.

Effortlessly mobile

With the uniqueness of some of the layouts and compositions we executed for the Chia Smash website, ensuring the mobile translation was just as energetic was key to the site’s success.


Chia Smash launched with a fully rebranded website to complement the new product packaging, leaving a lasting impression on new and repeat visitors alike.