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BESV is an electric bike company committed to creating premium electric bicycles and accessories powered by advanced technology & innovation to bring customers an amazing user-experience.

The Challenge

As a global e-bike brand, BESV was looking to establish a new design direction for it’s US-targeted ecommerce website. The company aimed to focus its efforts on promoting a new line of electric bikes through a more bold and stylish visual aesthetic.

The Approach

In surveying the competitive landscape of electric bikes in the US and worldwide, we planned to ensure that the new BESV website spoke clearly to its intended audience. Bold layouts, clean typography and playful compositions lead the styling all throughout.

A captivating experience

The BESV website design makes use of the strong brand imagery through immersive modules and compositions to help showcase the product in its best light.

Designed to sell

To complement the beautifully designed bicycles, we created a product detail page that provides visitors with all of the enticing details of the bikes in an easy to navigate way.

On the move

The mobile experience of the BESV website successfully carries over the same energy as the desktop experience.


The new BESV web design utilizes bold design cues and clean layouts to help the brand resonate with a modern, tech-savvy US consumer.